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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  July 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning developing at 4:30 a young man gunned down on a north philadelphia street his father was watching as he was murdered and chased the shooter. we have a live report. overnight cuba and the u.s. restore relations. >> an excessive heat warning scene of the accident feels like 100 degrees in spots. the heat help line is up, call
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(215)765-9040. it will be available from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. trained staff will recommend air can understand places to get out of the heat and take questions about heat stress. good morning, monday morning matt o'donnell is off, nydia han joins us. david my five-year-old wanted to know if he could go play tennis. oh no. it was a scorcher yesterday today another one, we have the central heat warning in effect, all the areas highlighted by purple it is an advisory in the outlying areas. at its worse the heat index will make it feel like 100 and 105 degrees. as you look at radar, we have a little activity to the west of us, we have a severe warning watch box to the west of us, that's off now.
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83 degrees in philadelphia. 80 in millville. 78 in sea isle city. 75 and very muggy out there. remember any dewpoints over 70 are considered oppressive. in philadelphia we have a dewpoint of 76 degrees. it's feeling like new orleans out there. 83 degrees, probably the same by 8:00. 91 by noon. 95 by 3:00 p.m. a little later this afternoon we're looking at a high of 96 degrees and of course heat index values over 100. it gets a little better tomorrow but a lot better on wednesday, karen i'll have the details in the seven day from accuweather. as you step outside, you feel it. as soon as you go out there, you have to turn on the ac at this early hour. no major problems, the blue route, schuylkill expressway and i-95 moving nicely. we have an issue with a water main break 10th and tasker
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between 10th and morris street. crews out there making repairs. the ben franklin bridge no problems eastbound or westbound. we have construction you can see the flashing lights blocking the right lane westbound as you head into the city. this is a dark shot, the schuylkill expressway past 202 construction in the process of clearing out. i-95 at cottman southbound traffic heading toward center city. no problems, northbound, southbound looking good as you head out the door. >> thank you karen. a father watched as his son was shot to death. he went after the gunman. this happened in the logan section of philadelphia. let's go over to katherine scott picking up the story from police headquarters. katherine i cannot imagine. >> reporter: yeah, you can't imagine this 21-year-old man was shot in front of his father, now the detectives at the homicide
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division are investigating. this happened a11:15 in logan multiple shots fired. the 2 # yrld man was shot -- 21-year-old man was shot in the face in front of his father. the father took off after the shooter, the shooter turned around and fired two shots at the father, he was not hit. the suspect fled the scene going south on fourth from wing winghocking. >> we believe that the 21-year-old was an intended target right where the 21-year-old victim collapsed we found a spent shell casings feet from his body which is an indication the shooter fired the shot from pointblank range. >> reporter: there are
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businesses nearby with private surveillance cameras pointed in the direction of the shooting, police are hoping there's footage that can help in the investigation. live at police headquarters, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> overnight an agreement resuming normal diplomat relationship between america and cuba went into effect. it was a milestone moment following a half century of servered ties. we have more from washington. >> reporter: inside the stately building shined and ready the cuban flag to be unif you to hang outside. raul castro said this day is the beginning to a long and complexed road to normalizing relations with the two countries
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that were serverred back in 1961. more than 50 years later president obama decided it's time for a new approach. >> i've been clear that we will continue to have very serious differences. i strongly believe the best way to support our values is through engagement. >> reporter: among the differences freedom of speech and assembly yesterday cuban security forces once again arrested political protesters. critics including several republican president candidates say cuba has not done enough to earn relationship with the united states. >> i would end diplomatic relations until they held an democratic opening in cuba. >> secretary of state john kerry will meet with his cuban counterpart and travel to cuba
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next month for a formal ceremony at the u.s. embassy there. abc news washington. >> happening today defense secretary of state ash carter said he will try to reassure israel that the iranian nuclear agreement is a good deal. israel opposes the deal. carter will travel to saudi arabia. congress has final say kicking off a 60 day review period. everybody is wondering can i leave the kids in the car for a second, no. this car thief jumped into this idling unlocked car and this woman came out of the store screaming. the child was in the car. police discovered the car
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abandoned later the 1 1/2-year-old child was still inside not physically hurt. the woman has a message for the thief. >> my 1 and a half-year-old granddaughter she couldn't say anything to you you idiot don't do anything to anybody like that again, i hope when they catch you, you regret what you did. >> police release this video of the suspect. the grandmother said she regrets leaving the child in the car it's not clear if she face charges for that. nydia. >> tam a lesson for all of us. montgomery launch text 911 program service. texting service is for people who can't hear or communicate or want to be silent during an
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emergency. representatives from the deaf community and groups who work with victims of domestic abuse will join them. >> still to come on "action news," the family of the mass shooter in tennessee is apologizing. a shark appears to be on show and tell at the jersey shore. wait until you see the scare for one swimmer. >> reporter: it's a hot one 96 degrees, that's only the beginning of the story the oppressive humidity will make it feel like it's over 100 especially in center city centers like center city. we'll be back with some relief in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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something hot here while other parts of the country are dealing with tornado. wisconsin an ef-1 tornado touched down. nobody was hurt. the twister stayed on the ground for five miles. in illinois heavy rain caused flash flooding, two adults and two children had to be rescued after the stairs in their apartment building washed away. >> now it's time to turn to
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david murphy welcome back and you brought some heat. >> reporter: it was a scorcher yesterday across the region and another one today. storm tracker 6 live double scan, in the meantime, shows you we are dry. as we look outside we have sky 6 center city. once the sun comes up over the horizon, once again it will be a hazy day building across the region. the temperature is 83 degrees, that's close to what we would consider our average high. dewpoint, 76. that's a very high dewpoint. when we talk about a dewpoint of 70 or 71 we talk about how humid it will be that's worse. win out of the west at 7 miles per hour, not much relief there. i have to point out there a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. looks like most of this is after 3:00 up until 6:00 and
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7:00 p.m., in this humid air mass anything that pops should produce a drenching downpour. 83 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 89 degrees at 11:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m., 94. and we are cooking by 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. we'll see a high of 96 but again the humidity oppressive all way and heat index values will make it feel like 100 during the height of the afternoon. high temperatures without the heat and humidity combination are high, 93 in allentown. 94 in reading. 93 in trenton. 94 is the high in wilmington. 94 in millville. down the shore a little bit of relief, but even in places like cape may and atlantic city it will be on the warm side and in some cases the hot side. 90 on the beach in ac. 80 from surf city to beach haven to ocean city and 80s back to the low 90s toward rehoboth beach and bethany beach.
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76 in the inlet but very warm, swim near the lifeguards and look out for the spotty late-day thunderstorm. the big issue is the heat and the humidity and obviously the tips are there. seek out air-conditioning. lots of breaks in the shade. caffeinated beverages don't work as well. check in with pets and carefully, and kids and elderly. be careful not to leave your pets orchids in the car obviously and among the elderly if you're senior citizen your body doesn't regulate the heat as swell as you used to, you could become dehydrated and succumb to the heat, even though you may not feel like it. air-conditioning for the seniors. shade on cool drinks and water and juice the best.
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it will be warm, but we'll get a break in the heat and humidity, though, and there's a chance of afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow. we have heat at advisories and heat warnings across the region, 9 of degrees a it's scorcher, take all the heat precautions. tomorrow, hot and humid 93. we'll start to ease back into better weather. it's wednesday where it is much less humid and comfortable high of 85. thursday, sunny and warm, seasonable on friday, saturday, 86 degrees, a nice stretch of weather coming after the next couple of sticky days and sunday we're back to 87 and there's a chance of a thunderstorm popping back into the forecast. >> we have to make it through -- >> reporter: today and kind of tomorrow. >> this morning we're learning built gunman who killed five service members in tennessee the family of mohammand youssef abdulazeez said he suffered from depression, they also he was not the son we knew and love.
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in his early teen years he fought drug and alcohol abuse he spent time in jordon in an effort to clean himself up. four marines and navy officer died in thursday's attack and the motive is unknown. "good morning america" will have more on the details on the shooting suspect at 7:00 a.m. after "action news." >> philadelphia police say they continue to question a person of interest in the murder of a drexel university grad. jasmine wright was found beaten and strangled on 50th street. there were no signs of forced entry and it could indicate she had knew her attacker. >> new option for online shoppers that's next on "action news." >> a church organist has played her last song after a 75 year career. that's ahead on "action news."
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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[panting] meet one today. visit adopt. >> reporter: welcome back time to start that monday morning commute we're looking live on 422 at trooper. we can see traffic moving nicely westbound. we have construction off on the shoulders, as you can see not causing any problems because it's early out there.
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we have construction in exton business route 30 and boot road it will be closed at 5:00 a.m. you want to watch for that construction at 5:00 a.m. lumber ton foster town road and bridge road we have construction closing that road in lumberton. if you're coming up from the shore, so far so good. ac expressway no problem, on the parkway, you're all clear taking route 55 coming up from avalon, 38 a good looking ride, as well. if you're heading out the door early on a monday morning we have no issues just yet. now let's go to the big board, greek banks reopened overnight after a three week long shut down. there were long lines out the door. these people can only take out 450 dolores a week. they can use their credit cards to buy things, but they can't get out cash.
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the dow slid slightly to close the week. something called will launch time. this is competition for amazon and walmart online customers, it will cost $50 a year to browse ten million items it's like am zone meets sam club, the double tree by hilton hotel is hosting a job fair in valley forge from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. it will be a 301 west did he clab -- dekalb pike in king of prussia. thousands of local jobs. george h.w.bush is home if your days after a fall. he broke a bone in his neck, but he did not suffer any nerve damage. they expect a full recovery in four months. the elder bush has a form of
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parkinsons disease which hammers leg movement. he uses a scooter or wheelchair to get around. police are looking for a shooter who murdered a young man in front of his father. katherine scott will have more. >> a swimmer gets too close for comfort with a shark at the shore, we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back on this monday morning, hope you have a great week ahead. 4:56. 8 # degrees, sky6 live hd looking live at philadelphia international airport. day two of the excessive heat. today's high, 96 degrees. it is hot and humid. the good news wednesday we'll see relief and it will be nice for a few days. take a look at this viewer video from ocean city new jersey a person cradles a small shark the shark snaps almost biting a woman's hand. it became a close call along 27th street. >> of people say now bruce springsteen put on a surprise concert at the jersey shore. yeah he performed 16 songs at
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the wonder bar in asbury park. the band has been playing for 20 minutes before springsteen joined them for a set that kicked off never be enough time. >> a lucky audience. the end of an era of zion church in barnegot light. she retired on her 92nd birthday. she started playing back in the 19 40s, she said it is her honor to serve the church for all these years. >> everyday is a good day if you can get up and breathe. >> it will be sad to see her go. she has made had your mark on this community.
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>> crane said she wants to take time to focus on her health. she said she has been waiting to have hip replacement surgery and now is the time. she agreed to come back for a few encorrespond -- performances. drenching rain in arizona a main rain is closed after it collapsed. a professional surfer is attacked by a shark on live television during a competition we'll be right back.
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yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal.
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jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. >> wild weather


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